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When you're in the field:

Be sure to email your academic advisor, with a copy to the PC/MI coordinator (, at least once every three months, even if you don't have much to say!

Remember: you need to register, and pay for 25% of, two terms during your PC service.  The last one should be the term in which your masters paper gets approved. At a minimum, your academic advisor should first get an outline of your paper, and should approve it; and the first draft should go to your advisor before your last term begins, to give you time to revise it and send to the two readers (advisor being one of them) to give them a month to look it over, and then yourself time for final revisions.

IRB considerations:  Most of you will, technically, be employees of your host country's Ministry of Health.  Almost everything you will do as part of your job will be exempt with respect to the need to apply for JHU IRB (our CHR) approval, as what you will be doing will fall under the category of public health practice, as opposed to public health research.  If you conduct research under the aegis of the MOH, you will have to follow whatever the local procedures are--such as helping to submit materials to a local IRB.  If that is the case, you should also notify the JHU CHR that this is what you are doing; JHU approval will not, however, be required.  However, if outside of your "regular" job, you decide you want to conduct your own research, then you will need to submit to both CHR and the local IRB.  That can be quite a lengthy process, but if it is a short project and you begin in the first year, most likely doable.

For further answers, you can try:

For example, is useful in helping to decide whether what you are doing is practice or research.

Ways to stay connected:



(you will have to log in with your JHED pw in order to download the software)



A computer is now available at JHU; please contact the PC/MI coordinator first to get the login information for it. 

You can log in from overseas, and it is just like you are sitting at JHU--meaning you can get on the library systems and get articles downloaded, etc.










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